Singapore NDP 360° VR Livestream

Case overview

VizioFly partnered with the National Day Parade (NDP) to offer the public an immersive viewing experience of Singapore’s annual national celebration. Using 360-degree Virtual Reality technology, viewers were given an opportunity to feel as if they were actually there, even if they were not physically present at the event.

The Brief

VizioFly’s main goal was to create an immersive experience for viewers using Virtual Reality technology. To achieve this, the team utilized Senheisser’s upcoming 360 degree ambisonic microphone to capture an immersive audio of the event. With early access to this technology, VizioFly was able to provide an enhanced audio experience for the audience.

Our Approach

The team conducted multiple onsite tests and rehearsals to ensure that the stream went smoothly. In addition, we prepared alternative solutions in case of any technical glitches. The final outcome of the event was well-received, with viewers experiencing the vibrant and colorful acts, sceneries, and daring performances by the Daredevil ‘Red Lions,’ Navy divers, and more.