Media Services

List of media services we offer

Video And Photography

Video & Photography

- Visual storytelling medium
- Capturing moments and memories
- Creative expression through images
- Conveying emotions and narratives

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VizioFly 3D Development, a cute chinese 3d character standing

3D Modelling & Graphics

- Creating virtual 3D objects
- Visualizing concepts and designs
- Enhancing realism and aesthetics
- Animation and digital rendering

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Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

- Animated graphic elements
- Visual storytelling through movement
- Enhancing videos and presentations
- Dynamic and engaging visuals

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Greenscreen Studio Singapore

Greenscreen Studio

- Chroma key backdrop studio
- Seamless background replacement
- Versatile visual effects
- Creative video production environment

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Audio Recording

Audio Recording

- Capturing sound waves
- Recording audio content
- Creating high-quality soundtracks
- Enhancing auditory experiences

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Drone Videography and Photography in Singapore

Drone Videography

- Aerial visual capture
- Stunning drone footage
- Unique perspectives from above
- Cinematic photography and videography

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Video Editing

- Manipulating video content
- Enhancing visuals and audio
- Creating compelling narratives
- Seamless transitions and effects

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360° Media Services

360 Photoshooting in Singapore

360° Photo Shooting

- Manipulating video content
- Enhancing visuals and audio
- Creating compelling narratives
- Seamless transitions and effects

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360 Video Filming in Singapore

360° Video Filming

- Recording panoramic videos
- Capturing a 360-degree field of view
- Immersive video experience
- Interactive exploration

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360 Livestreaming in Singapore

360° Livestreaming

- Broadcasting real-time panoramic video
- Live streaming in a 360-degree format
- Interactive and immersive audience experience
- Virtual participation in live events

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360° Drone Filming

- Aerial 360-degree video capture
- Combining drone technology and panoramic filming
- Stunning aerial perspectives in 360 degrees
- Immersive and dynamic visual content

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360 Audio Recording in Singapore

360° Ambisonic Audio

- Spatial audio recording
- Capturing sound from all directions
- Immersive 360-degree audio experience
- Realistic and immersive soundscapes

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Why work with us?


Our team has significant revel in and knowledge in AR/VR improvement, as well as related fields consisting of 3D modelling and application development. We bring a deep understanding of the technology and its capacity to any venture, and help our clients achieve their goals with innovative and effective solutions.


We recognize that each customer is unique, and we approach each assignment with a focal point on customization and tailor-made solutions. Whether our clients need a totally immersive VR development or a simple AR app, we work closely to apprehend your goals and needs.


We work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is fully achieved since we feel that collaboration is essential to fulfillment. We want to build strong and enduring connections with our clients by encouraging open communication and feedback during the improvement process.

Our working process

Problem identification

Through problem identification, we can gain a deeper understanding of your challenges and develop targeted solutions to address them, improving efficiency and achieving your goals.


Gathering and analyzing data, facts, and evidence to gain insights and make informed decisions in order to solve the problem.

Strategy development

By carefully considering the available resources, opportunities, and potential obstacles, we can create a roadmap for success and ensure that our actions are aligned with your overall vision and mission.

Results evaluation

Regularly evaluating results as we can adapt to changing circumstances and make informed decisions that drive success and growth.


By offering reliable and responsive support, we strive to build trust and foster strong relationships with you.