Motion Capture

Motion Capture

Unlock the power of motion capture technology to create realistic and immersive character animations. Our motion capture solutions capture movements with precision, delivering lifelike performances that engage and captivate audiences.

Professional Motion Capture Setup

Utilizing state-of-the-art motion capture equipment and markers to ensure accurate tracking of movements. Our expert technicians set up a controlled environment to capture motion data with precision and consistency.

Performance Capture and Data Processing

Recording performances from actors or performers using motion capture technology. We process the captured data to extract and refine motion information, creating a digital representation of the performance.

Rigging and Animation Integration

Integrating motion capture data into character rigs and animation pipelines. Our skilled animators blend the captured motion with artistic expertise, breathing life into characters and delivering seamless animations.

What we do


Collaborating with your team to understand project requirements and objectives. We work closely to plan the motion capture process, define performance goals, and establish a timeline for delivery.

Performance Direction and Coaching

Providing guidance and coaching to performers during the motion capture session. Our experienced directors ensure the desired character performances are captured, conveying emotions, and achieving desired movements.

Facial Motion Capture

Capturing facial expressions and movements using specialized facial motion capture systems. We accurately track facial features to capture nuanced performances and deliver realistic facial animations.

Cleanup and Data Refinement

Performing data cleanup and refinement processes to enhance the quality of captured motion data. We remove noise, correct anomalies, and optimize data to ensure smooth and natural motion.

Post-processing and Integration

Applying post-processing techniques to further enhance motion capture data. We add additional details, adjust timing, and integrate captured motions seamlessly into the desired production pipeline.

Quality Assurance and Iterative Refinement

Conducting rigorous quality checks to ensure the accuracy and integrity of motion capture data. We iterate and refine animations based on feedback, continuously striving for excellence in every aspect of the process.

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