360° Livestreaming

360 Livestreaming in Singapore

Experience the thrill of real-time immersive experiences with our 360° livestreaming service. Connect with your audience like never before and bring events, performances, and moments to life in stunning 360° detail.

Cutting-Edge Camera Setup and Streaming Technology

We use advanced 360° cameras and state-of-the-art streaming technology to capture and deliver high-quality live 360° content. Our team ensures seamless integration of multiple cameras and optimizes the streaming setup for a smooth and immersive experience.

Expert Livestream Production and Direction

Our skilled production team manages the entire livestreaming process, from pre-event planning to live direction. We coordinate camera angles, transitions, and overlays to deliver engaging and dynamic 360° experiences that captivate your audience.

Real-Time Interaction and Audience Engagement

Engage and interact with your audience in real time with our interactive 360° livestreaming features. From live chat and Q&A sessions to polls and audience participation, we create opportunities for meaningful engagement and a sense of presence.

What we do

Pre-event Planning and Consultation

We work closely with you to understand your livestreaming goals and objectives. Our team provides expert guidance on planning, logistics, and technical requirements to ensure a successful 360° livestreaming event.

Camera Placement and Setup

Our experienced technicians strategically position the 360° cameras to capture the best perspectives and ensure comprehensive coverage of the event. We optimize camera placement for optimal immersion and viewer experience.

High-Quality Streaming Infrastructure

We utilize robust streaming infrastructure to deliver high-quality 360° livestreaming without buffering or interruptions. Our team ensures the scalability and reliability of the streaming platform to accommodate large audiences.

Real-Time Stitching and Processing

To provide a seamless viewing experience, our technical experts perform real-time stitching and processing of the 360° video feed. This ensures a smooth transition between camera perspectives and maintains visual quality throughout the livestream.

Interactive Elements and Overlay Integration

We enhance the livestreaming experience by incorporating interactive elements and overlays. This can include live graphics, branding, captions, and additional information to enrich the viewer's understanding and engagement.

Post-event Analytics and Insights

After the livestream, we provide detailed analytics and insights to help you understand the performance and impact of your 360° livestreaming event. This data helps you measure audience engagement and make informed decisions for future events.

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