Punggol Digital District – Augmented Reality

Case overview

For the purpose of this project, augmented reality (AR) technology was used to create a compelling and engaging experience for Punggol, Singapore, residents and visitors. The master plan for the entire Punggol Digital District, which includes yet-to-be-built structures, communities, infrastructure, and other features, was displayed using augmented reality technology.

The Brief

The project’s goal was to give Punggol residents and city residents a rare opportunity to envision the new Punggol Digital District before any building work was done. Users were able to have an immersive and interactive experience that gave them a sense of what the district would look like in real life thanks to the use of AR technology.

Our Approach

We used augmented reality (AR) technology to build an interactive digital model of the district to create this experience. With the help of this model, users could explore the entire neighborhood and learn more about its various features using their smartphones or tablets. Additionally, we developed interactive points that provided users with additional details regarding each feature and the reasons why they made the Punggol Digital District a standard for future developments.