360° Drone Filming

Experience breathtaking aerial views with our 360° drone filming service. Elevate your storytelling and capture immersive content from unique angles that leave a lasting impact.

Expert Drone Piloting and Navigation

Our skilled drone pilots navigate cutting-edge drones equipped with 360° camera technology. With precision control, we capture sweeping panoramic shots and immersive aerial footage that showcases the world from above.

Seamless Camera Integration and Calibration

We integrate high-resolution 360° cameras with our drones, ensuring seamless synchronization and optimal image quality. Our team calibrates the cameras for precise alignment, minimizing distortions and delivering stunning 360° visuals.

Creative Shot Composition and Storytelling

We go beyond capturing aerial footage by crafting compelling narratives through creative shot composition. Our experienced team leverages the unique perspectives offered by 360° drone filming to tell captivating stories that engage and inspire.

What we do

Pre-production Planning and Consultation

We collaborate closely with you to understand your vision and objectives for the 360° drone filming project. Our experts provide valuable insights, helping you plan the shoot, select locations, and define the desired storytelling approach.

Drone and Camera Selection

Based on your project requirements, we carefully select the most suitable drone and 360° camera combination. Our team considers factors such as flight capabilities, camera specifications, and stabilization features to ensure optimal results.

On-site Safety and Risk Assessment

Safety is our utmost priority. Before each drone filming session, our certified drone pilots conduct thorough risk assessments, ensuring compliance with local regulations and implementing safety protocols to protect people and property.

Artistic Direction and Shot Planning

Our creative team works closely with the drone pilots to develop shot lists and storyboard sequences. We envision captivating scenes, unique perspectives, and dynamic camera movements that enhance the immersive nature of 360° drone filming.

Aerial Filming Execution

On the day of filming, our skilled drone pilots execute precise flight maneuvers, capturing stunning aerial footage in 360°. We leverage the agility and versatility of drones to navigate challenging environments and deliver breathtaking visuals.

Post-production Editing and Enhancement

Our post-production experts employ state-of-the-art editing techniques to refine and enhance the captured 360° drone footage. We ensure seamless stitching, color grading, and stabilization to produce a polished final product that leaves a lasting impression.

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