Mövenpick Jimbaran Hotel Virtual Tour

Case overview

Mövenpick, a hotel in Bali, Indonesia, wanted to showcase its stunning facilities to potential guests. Before booking a room, customers would be able to virtually tour the hotel and its amenities thanks to the special experience they were hoping to deliver. They asked us to construct a virtual tour for their website so they could accomplish this goal.

The Brief

Mövenpick acknowledged that travelers frequently regret making hotel reservations during vacations. They wanted to display the hotel and all of its advantages, such as various room types, services, and vistas, to give visitors the information they needed to make an educated decision before booking. The hotel requested that we develop a virtual tour that would let visitors virtually experience the hotel’s atmosphere, amenities, and views.

Our Approach

To fully comprehend Mövenpick’s needs and objectives for the virtual tour, we worked closely with them. For an immersive and interactive experience, we built a tailored solution that used virtual reality technology. The virtual tour includes top-notch visuals and animations that enable visitors to thoroughly explore the hotel, including all the various room types, the breathtaking vistas, and the extensive range of services.

We created the virtual tour compatible with a variety of hardware and software to make it available to as many users as possible, including desktops, laptops, cellphones, and VR headsets. This made it possible for visitors to access the tour from any location and using any device.


Before reserving a stay, visitors can discover the hotel and all of its amenities thanks to the immersive and exclusive experience offered by the Mövenpick virtual tour. Mövenpick has developed a totally immersive experience that allows visitors to virtually experience the atmosphere, amenities, and views of the hotel. Potential customers can learn more about the hotel through the virtual tour, which makes it easier for them to make an informed choice before making a reservation. High-quality visuals and animations were included into our tailored solution to create a special experience that could be accessed from a variety of devices. The virtual tour has been a success overall, bringing in new visitors and highlighting Mövenpick as a premier hotel in Bali, Indonesia.


Decrease in bounce rate


Increase in average session duration


Increase in page views