SMU Campus Virtual Tour 2020

Case overview

A new degree of immersive experiences that were previously impractical are now possible thanks to virtual reality technology. The Singapore Management University (SMU) chose to make its campus available online after realizing the possibilities of modern technology. modern allows prospective students and members of the public to visit the university virtually from the comfort of their homes.

SMU Virtual Tour Open House 2020

The Brief

SMU wanted to make it easier and more convenient for visitors and prospective students to tour the campus. They asked us to create a virtual tour so that visitors could get a thorough and immersive tour of the campus, offering a distinctive, interesting, and educational experience.

Our Approach

To fully comprehend SMU’s needs and objectives for the virtual tour, we collaborated closely with them. For an immersive and interactive experience, we built a tailored solution that used virtual reality technology. Visitors to the virtual tour can thoroughly explore the campus, including the Lounge, Gym, library, and residential amenities, thanks to its high-quality visuals and navigation.

We created the virtual tour compatible with a variety of hardware and software to make it available to as many users as possible, including those using desktops, laptops, and cellphones. This made it possible for visitors to access the tour from any location and using any device.