Rawground #Identification

Case overview

RawGround presents “Identification,” a collection of 12 films by 6 Singaporean artists that delve into the themes of identity and self-expression. Through this curated mini-showcase, RawGround aims to foster dialogue and broaden our perception of daily life. The short films, created by artists and practitioners from diverse disciplines, explore the aesthetics of the everyday and invite viewers to reflect on their own identities. The films were released as a mini marathon on February 12th, providing an immersive experience for audiences.


The Brief

The objective of RawGround: Identification was to create a platform for artists to express their perspectives on identity and provoke meaningful conversations. The focus was on showcasing a range of works that would challenge traditional notions of identity and inspire viewers to appreciate and explore their own identities in new ways. The films aimed to address personal and evocative issues, encouraging viewers to reflect on their own experiences and engage in dialogue.

Rawground Schedule

Our Approach

To bring RawGround: Identification to life, we collaborated with six talented Singaporean artists: Ang Hui Bin, Matthew Goh, Natasha Fawzi, Pat Toh, Wu Jun Han, and Yak Aik-Wee. Each artist contributed original research, performances, and recordings to create thought-provoking films. We carefully curated the films to offer a diverse range of perspectives and artistic styles, ensuring a rich and engaging viewing experience. The films were released on a dedicated website, allowing audiences to immerse themselves in the mini-marathon and explore the themes of identity at their own pace.

Aik Wee