Prudential Marina Bay Carnival VR

Case overview

Prudential Carnival returns for the second year with new additions of risk-taking and family-friendly rides. The carnival is located at Marina Bay, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy thrilling rides with a backdrop of the city skyline. In anticipation of the event, Prudential created Virtual Reality 360º Videos to give visitors a sneak peek of the carnival before heading down.

The Brief

Prudential aimed to entice visitors to the carnival through the use of Virtual Reality 360º Videos. The videos would give visitors a chance to preview the carnival and the rides before attending, providing a unique and immersive experience.

Our Approach

VizioFly used Virtual Reality 360º Video technology to create a series of videos showcasing the carnival’s rides and attractions, providing visitors with an exciting preview of what to expect. Our immersive and engaging storytelling approach delivered an experience that went beyond the traditional 2D promotional materials, captivating viewers and encouraging attendance.