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The Future of Augmented Reality: Advancements and Applications

Introduction Whenever the topic of trending technologies arises, Augmented Reality (AR) and its more famous counterpart, Virtual Reality (VR) always arise. The capacity of extended truth to us as humans is exquisite, so its reputation doesn’t come as a surprise. While AR hasn’t been getting as a whole lot interest as VR, improvements are being…

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4 Ways Virtual Reality is More Useful During COVID-19

Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a first-rate shift in the manner we stay our lives and behavior commercial enterprise. The emergence of Virtual Reality has been a silver lining for several industries, assisting them to innovate and provide fee to customers. In this text, we explore four ways Virtual Reality is extra useful at…

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Virtual Reality in Singapore: Exploring the Diverse Applications

Introduction Virtual truth generation is gaining mammoth reputation across the globe, and Singapore is not left at the back of. Over the beyond few years, the VR industry in Singapore has been thriving, with numerous organizations specializing in exceptional aspects of VR, from VR content material advent to the production of VR headsets. In this…

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