360° Video Filming

360 Video Filming in Singapore

Experience the next level of storytelling with our immersive 360° video filming service. Transport your audience to the heart of the action and create unforgettable virtual experiences.

Concept Development and Storyboarding

We collaborate closely with you to understand your vision and objectives. Our team helps develop a compelling concept and storyboard that maximizes the potential of 360° video to engage and captivate your audience.

Professional Filming and Equipment Setup

Using state-of-the-art 360° cameras and specialized equipment, our experienced videographers capture stunning visuals from all angles. We carefully set up the scene, ensuring optimal lighting, sound, and camera positioning for immersive storytelling.

Post-production and Editing

Our skilled editors work their magic in post-production to stitch together the captured 360° footage seamlessly. We enhance the visuals, add effects, and optimize the video for various platforms to deliver a captivating viewing experience.

What we do

Pre-production Planning

We start by understanding your objectives and target audience, then meticulously plan every aspect of the shoot. This includes location scouting, determining camera placement, and coordinating logistics to ensure a smooth filming process.

Cinematic Camera Movements

Our experienced cinematographers employ creative camera movements and techniques to enhance the immersive experience. From smooth tracking shots to dynamic aerial perspectives, we bring your story to life in captivating ways.

Audio Capture and Mixing

Sound is a crucial element of immersive storytelling. We use professional-grade audio equipment to capture high-quality sound, including ambient audio and dialogue. Our sound engineers carefully mix and optimize the audio for an immersive audiovisual experience.

Visual Effects and CGI Integration

If your vision includes visual effects or CGI elements, our skilled team can seamlessly integrate them into the 360° video. Whether it's adding virtual objects or creating stunning visual enhancements, we ensure a seamless blend between the real and virtual worlds.

Color Grading and Enhancement

To enhance the visual impact of the 360° video, we apply precise color grading techniques that align with your desired aesthetic and mood. We ensure consistent color representation and visual cohesiveness throughout the video.

Distribution and Optimization

Once the 360° video is finalized, we assist in optimizing it for various platforms and devices. We provide guidance on the best practices for sharing and distributing your immersive video to reach your target audience effectively.

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