TikTok AR Filter

TikTok AR Filter

Elevate your TikTok content with our captivating AR filters. Stand out, entertain, and engage your audience with immersive effects that make every video memorable. Unleash your creativity and take your TikTok game to new heights with our cutting-edge technology.


Our talented team of designers creates custom AR filters tailored to your brand and audience, ensuring a unique and engaging experience.


Using advanced AR technology, we bring your filter to life, optimizing it for seamless integration with TikTok's platform.

Launch and Promotion

We assist you in launching your TikTok AR filter and provide marketing support to maximize its visibility and reach.

Types of TikTok AR Filter Effects

Head Tracking

Head tracking can detect a head and include information such as infographic, 3D model, gamified content, etc.

Neck Tracking

Neck tracking can be used to attach a 3D necklace model to a person's neck.

Hand Tracking

Hand Tracking can track your hand in the camera's view. You can add 3D objects, special effects, and triggers to each hand.

Body Tracking

Body Tracking lets you use your body movements to control a 3D character.

Plane Tracking

Plane tracking allows you to place virtual objects on real surfaces, such as a digital pet on the floor, etc

What we do


We understand your goals and objectives, discussing how TikTok AR filters can enhance your content strategy.


Our team brainstorms ideas and concepts that align with your brand, target audience, and TikTok trends.

Development and Testing

From creating stunning visual elements to programming interactive effects, we bring your filter to life.

Testing and Refinement

We rigorously test the filter to ensure optimal performance, making necessary adjustments for a seamless user experience.


We work closely with TikTok's development team to integrate your AR filter into their platform, ensuring compatibility and compliance.

Analytics and Optimization

We monitor the performance of your TikTok AR filter, providing insights and suggestions for continuous improvement.

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