Civil Service College Enforcement VR Training

Case overview

VizioFly and Civil Service College have developed an interactive VR simulation training for enforcement officers. The training allows trainees to experience real-world situations before attending to any cases. With the deployment of Samsung Gear VR/Oculus Go headsets, more than 20 trainees can assemble in one server to go through a series of stages and identify risks and hazards while attending to cases.

Civil Service College Enforcement VR Simulation

The Brief

The simulation training aims to give trainees a real sense of what happens in the line of duty. The application includes an analytical data feature that tracks the performance of each participant on every level. This allows the lecturer to focus on areas that require immediate attention.

Our Approach

We filmed the simulation training in 360-Degree to replicate real-world environments and situations as close as possible. We used the latest technology and equipment, including Samsung Gear VR/Oculus Go headsets and an analytical data feature, to create an immersive and effective VR simulation training program.