Bayer Endo Diary

Case overview

The Bayer Endo Diary Mobile Application is proof of how quickly technology is developing and how it has the potential to completely transform the medical sector. By accurately recording their daily activities and experiences, this mobile app is especially made to assist doctors in better understanding the monthly cycles of their female patients. With the help of this record, doctors can quickly diagnose and spot any issues early on, greatly enhancing the effectiveness of the process of solving the issue.

Endo Diary Application Screenshots

The Brief

We collaborated with Bayer to create a simple-to-use mobile application that allowed users to quickly record their daily activities and experiences. We created a user-friendly interface that made it simple for doctors to access the information the application was gathering. The application was created utilizing the most recent technologies, guaranteeing its dependability, effectiveness, and security.

Endo Diary Application Screenshots

Our Approach

We created an intuitive smartphone application that made it simple for users to record their everyday activities and experiences. The data gathered by the program may be quickly accessed by doctors because to the user-friendly interface we created. The program was created with the most recent technologies to make sure it was dependable, effective, and secure.