Pokka Houjicha Kiosk Game

Case overview

Leading beverage company Pokka developed a new tea beverage, and as part of their marketing and awareness effort, they hired us to design a game to promote it. Utilizing Kinect technology, VizioFly created a unique app that gave users an immersive and interactive experience roasting tea leaves, the major component of the brand-new Pokka Houjicha tea beverage. The marketing was successful since the game also offered rewards, and the new Hojicha beverage is now readily accessible to everyone.

The Brief

Pokka intended to develop an interactive game that would captivate players and advertise the new Hojicha tea beverage. The primary ingredient of the novel beverage, roasted tea leaves, was intended to provide players with a novel experience in the game. The game was to be a component of their marketing and awareness effort, and it was to have prizes to entice more players. Pokka asked VizioFly to create a custom game application employing Kinect technology in order to do this.

Our Approach

We collaborated closely with Pokka to comprehend their expectations and objectives for the game. Utilizing Kinect technology, we created a unique application that allowed users to enjoyably and interactively experience the roasting of tea leaves. The experience was engrossing and captivating because to the game’s user-friendly UI, excellent graphics, and animations.

We added prizes that players might win, including free samples of the brand-new Hojicha tea beverage, to improve the gaming experience. This innovation increased the number of players in the game and promoted the new beverage.