MontBlanc TimeWalker Prix

Case overview

MontBlanc, a leading luxury brand, organized a unique event called TimeWalker Prix in Singapore. The event featured an Amazing Race-style competition where Porsche cars with Montblanc TimeWalker’s insignia raced around the city. The objective was to create a buzz around the Montblanc TimeWalker collection and increase brand awareness.

The Brief

VizioFly was tasked with developing a mobile app for the event that provided directions, gameplay, and challenges to the participants. The app needed to be sleek, user-friendly, and engaging to capture the interest of the participants and ensure a smooth event.

Our Approach

To meet the client’s requirements, we developed a mobile app that seamlessly integrated with the event. The app provided real-time directions, tracked the progress of the race, and offered challenges to the participants, ensuring a fun-filled and engaging experience. The app helped Montblanc TimeWalker achieve its marketing goals and garnered high social media impressions, making the event a huge success.