SMU-X Labs Virtual Reality

Case overview

The task was given to VizioFly to develop a Virtual Reality (VR) experience that would highlight the SMU-X Labs and their emphasis on practical problem-solving. The goal was to produce a movie that showcased the facilities and showed how partners, faculty, and students used them to address pressing industrial issues.


The Brief

The goal of the VR experience was to fully immerse viewers and give them a thorough understanding of how the SMU-X Labs functioned. Making the audience feel like they were participating in the problem-solving process alongside the students and faculty presented a challenge.


Our Approach

VizioFly worked closely with the SMU-X Labs team to understand their vision and the challenges they faced. We then used cutting-edge VR technology to create a unique and engaging experience that showcased the Labs’ facilities, their problem-solving approach and how they collaborated with industry partners to solve real-world problems.