RSAF 55 Open House 2023

Case overview

We collaborated with the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) for their 55th Open House event held at Paya Lebar Airbase. The event spanned four days and featured Extended Reality (XR) solutions to engage attendees.

RSAF55 Open House
RSAF55 Open House Event6
RSAF 55 Open House Event 2

The Brief

Our objective was to provide an immersive and interactive experience for event attendees using Extended Reality (XR) technologies. The RSAF Open House was a unique opportunity to showcase XR’s capabilities to a diverse audience. Specifically, we aimed to offer Virtual Reality (VR) experiences that allowed guests to simulate taking off in an aircraft and performing simple tasks. Additionally, we developed a web application enabling guests to pilot an F15 aircraft within a Marina Bay Sands location and complete a course by navigating through rings. For Mixed Reality (MR), our goal was to create a puzzle-solving game that utilized hand tracking technology, enabling guests to manipulate virtual puzzle pieces in mid-air and complete the puzzle.

Our Approach

For the Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, we provided attendees with the opportunity to experience the thrill of taking off in an aircraft and performing tasks, with a particular focus on engaging children who had a fascination with flying planes in VR. The VR simulation was designed to be user-friendly and exciting.

In the case of the web application for flying the F15 aircraft, we leveraged technology to create an engaging experience, allowing guests to navigate through a course using 10 rings in the Marina Bay Sands location. This approach aimed to blend realism and entertainment.

For Mixed Reality (MR), we employed hand tracking technology to design an interactive puzzle-solving game. Attendees could physically interact with virtual puzzle pieces, creating a highly engaging and immersive experience. This allowed users to move freely and form the puzzle pieces, enhancing their sense of presence.

RSAF55 Open House Event7
RSAF55 Open House Event 5