3M Filtrete Dust Squasher VR Game

Case overview

3M, a global leader in innovative products and technology, wanted to promote their Filtrete Dust Squasher product in a unique and engaging way. The challenge was to demonstrate the effectiveness of their Novec 1230 system to put out fires, while also showcasing the product’s advanced features to potential customers.

3M DustSquasher VR

The Brief

To meet 3M’s marketing objectives, VizioFly developed a two-pronged approach. Firstly, an Augmented Reality (AR) application was created, which allowed users to scan a flyer and activate a CGI office environment on fire. The Novec 1230 system could be used to put out the fire in an instant. Secondly, a Virtual Reality (VR) application was created which included the world’s first 360-degree green screen special effect. It applied a live-action recording of the Novec 1230 system in action to multiple VR environments.

Our Approach

VizioFly’s innovative solutions provided 3M with a mobile, low-cost, and engaging product demonstration that leverages immersive media into sales conversions. We used AR and VR technology to create a realistic and interactive experience for users to showcase the effectiveness of 3M’s product in a fun and engaging way.