Gardens By The Bay VR Tour

Case overview

Gardens by the Bay is a top tourist destination in Singapore known for its stunning gardens, futuristic architecture, and nature-inspired installations. To make the experience even more immersive, VizioFly was commissioned by the original architect, Grant Associates, to create a Virtual Reality tour of the gardens.

The Brief

The goal was to create an unforgettable experience that captured the essence of the gardens and provided visitors with a unique and engaging way to explore the attraction. The VR tour needed to showcase the iconic Supertrees, the Cloud Forest, and the gardens’ biodiversity while providing an immersive experience that transported visitors into the heart of the gardens.

Our Approach

VizioFly captured the essence of the gardens by using high-resolution 360-degree cameras to create an immersive VR experience that showcased the unique features of the attraction. The tour takes visitors on a journey through the Supertrees, the Cloud Forest, and the gardens’ various installations, allowing them to explore the attraction from different angles and perspectives. The VR tour is a testament to how technology can enhance the tourist experience and bring visitors closer to nature.