CGH Code Blue VR Training

Case overview

CGH Code Blue VR Training is a virtual reality simulation training program designed to help healthcare professionals respond to emergency situations efficiently. The program simulates an emergency setting using interactive 360-degree VR technology, catering to the lifesavers to identify common mistakes, obstacles, and communication challenges that arise during Code Blue situations.

CGH_NuCGH Nurse Pushing To Wardrse Pushing To Ward

The Brief

CGH Code Blue VR Training is designed to provide continuous training for healthcare professionals to handle Code Blue emergencies. It enables the healthcare team to practice and learn about the series of proper Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for medical emergencies. The program offers a simulation training environment that helps healthcare professionals identify common mistakes and challenges faced in real-life emergencies, such as obstacles, communication issues, and timing.

Our Approach

We used interactive 360-degree VR technology to simulate a realistic Code Blue situation that healthcare professionals face in real life. We created a virtual environment that is immersive and engaging, allowing healthcare professionals to practice their skills in a safe and controlled setting. Our approach was to focus on the details of the emergency setting and to ensure that the training program was tailored to the specific needs of the healthcare team. Our goal was to help the healthcare professionals to identify and overcome the common challenges faced during Code Blue emergencies through the use of technology.