Places in Singapore where Augmented Reality is in use


Singapore is one of the main countries within the international in phrases of technological advancement, and the usa isn’t slowing down in its adoption of extended truth (XR) technology. Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the XR technology that is gaining recognition in Singapore, and its adoption may be seen in numerous places throughout the united states. This article highlights a number of the locations in Singapore where AR is being used to decorate person experiences.

Singapore Libraries

The National Library Board (NLB) in Singapore is using AR to attract younger readers to its libraries. The libraries have an AR section wherein children can enjoy immersive storytelling reviews. As AR devices become more low priced and ubiquitous, the NLB plans to feature extra AR and Virtual Reality (VR) features to its libraries.

National Museum, Singapore

The National Museum in Singapore is likewise the usage of AR to beautify visitor reports. With the help of a cellular phone furnished by way of the museum, visitors can see virtual museum objects located at strategic places in the museum. The museum also venerated its one hundred and thirtieth yr in life via adding AR experiences to its famous.

(Image credit: CKPhoto)
(Image credit: CKPhoto)
(Image credit: CKPhoto)

ArtScience Museum

The ArtScience Museum is a museum in Singapore that showcases various exhibitions on science and artwork. To enhance tourist reports, the museum partnered with groups like Google and Lenovo to create a virtual rainforest that visitors can view with a mobile cellphone furnished by means of the museum. The AR enjoy indicates five endangered animal species inside the Indonesian Rainforest.

(Image credit: Geekculture)
(Image credit: Geekculture)

Changi Airport, Singapore

(Image credit: Opengovasia)

The ground managing company at Changi Airport, Singapore, is the use of AR smart glasses to enhance workflow. The glasses display facts that floor handlers want without the want to continuously check papers. Ground handlers can scan a digital QR code on cargoes to get information about their weight, loading series, and allotted role on the plane. The glasses additionally come with cameras that permit manage centre personnel to screen the paintings of the floor handlers.


Singapore is making wonderful strides inside the adoption of XR technology, in particular AR. The NLB, National Museum, ArtScience Museum, and Changi Airport are simply some of the places wherein AR is getting used to enhance person stories. As AR devices come to be extra inexpensive and ubiquitous, we are able to anticipate to see even more use instances of AR in Singapore and around the arena.