How Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality Will Affect The Future Of Business

Future of Business In Singapore


While virtual and augmented reality has gained lots of attention in recent times, they are not new technologies and have been around for many years. Looking at the progress of the technology over the years, there is no doubt that virtual and augmented reality would have an impact on a lot of industries including the business industry.

How would this technology impact businesses in the nearest future, let’s say ten years? Without wasting much time, let’s take a look at the ways in which virtual and augmented reality would disrupt businesses.

Change of Advertising Strategy:

Before the age of social media; newspapers, magazines and televisions were the major means of advertising.

However social media has changed the whole marketing and advertising game. In today’s world, creative content is very important. Engaging writeups, videos and all kinds of creative content have become key and this is due to the impact of social media.

This is the same way virtual and augmented reality would have a massive impact on the advertising industry. For businesses to get their word out there, they would require advertising through virtual and augmented reality.

Advertisements through virtual and augmented reality have lots of potentials as they are more engaging and would have potential customers totally immersed in the environments.

Without a doubt, this would increase the chances of making sales.

A Prototype Would Become Easier

Prototypes are important. However, they cause lots of heartaches as they have to be created repeatedly until one works.

For companies that spend a lot on prototypes, the initial investment in virtual and augmented reality would be a great deal as it would help them save money in the long run.

With augmented reality, prototypes can be made as many times as possible without incurring as much money as seen with prototypes in reality. In other words, this technology would help businesses make prototypes for fun at no extra cost.

Customer Trust

With virtual and augmented reality, businesses can have customers test products and services just before purchase. As a buyer, I would trust a business that allows me to have a feel of whatever I want to purchase before paying for the service.

If businesses can utilize virtual reality the right way, they would be able to win the heart of customers and make more sales.

Safety Tests

Tests would be safer to make in virtual and augmented reality. When tests fail in these environments, they incur little or no costs and no threats to the life of the product tester.

Looking at car businesses for example, cars can be tested in virtual reality and if a crash occurs the tester leaves with no scratch.

This ensures all kinds of tests can be carried out without any fears, leading to the production of better products at the end of the day.

Faster Production

Since prototypes can be made countless times in virtual environments, it makes production faster. This is because before going into production, prototypes would have been perfected.

This increases the confidence during production, leaving no chances for mistakes at the end of the day.

Developers Would Become More Important For Businesses

Software developers are key to the success of lots of businesses today. With the technology of virtual and augmented reality gaining ground, it means they would become more important.

Software developers would be in charge of the software running in virtual reality, therefore there would be the need for lots of them.


When businesses implement virtual and augmented reality, it helps them gain the trust of the customers. Products would be top quality and more money would be made.

When early adopters begin to gain the benefits of this technology, others would join the bandwagon and we would have a new revolution on our hands.