Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro


Product Details
OLED displays
Resolution Per Eye
3660 x 3200 pixels
Field Of View
100-120 degrees
Refresh Rate
90 - 100 FPS
Apple M2
256GB / 512GB / 1TB
Battery Capacity
Passthrough Mode
Full color

Frequenty Asked Questions

Apple Vison Pro is a mixed reality device that blends digital content with your physical space. It allows you to navigate using your eyes, hands, and voice, and experience apps and content in a whole new way. Imagine watching a movie on a giant screen in a virtual beach setting, or having your messages appear right in front of you.

Unlike some VR headsets, Apple Vision Pro is a standalone device. It doesn’t require a computer to function as it has its own M2 processor. You can use it straight out of the box with hand gesture controls. However, an external battery pack (included) is needed for extended use.

    • High-Resolution Displays: It boasts micro-OLED displays with a staggering 23 million pixels, delivering exceptional clarity and detail. Imagine watching movies or working on projects in a virtual environment that feels incredibly real.
      Image of Apple Vision Pro high resolution displays
  • Precision Eye Tracking: Forget controllers! Apple Vision Pro uses eye tracking to let you navigate and interact with virtual objects using just your gaze. This intuitive approach makes the experience even more seamless.
    Image of Apple Vision Pro eye tracking
  • Personalized Spatial Audio: The built-in spatial audio system personalizes sound based on your head shape and position. It creates a truly immersive soundscape where audio feels like it’s coming from within the virtual world.


  • Giant screen experience: Watch movies, shows, and games on a huge virtual screen, like having your own personal theater.
  • Immersive videos: Feel like you’re right in the action with special 3D videos.

Stay Connected:

  • FaceTime in a whole new way: See people life-size and even collaborate on documents during calls.
  • Natural eye contact: People can see your eyes even when you’re wearing the headset, making conversations more natural.


  • Eye tracking and hand gestures: Control the Vision Pro with just your eyes and hands, no controllers needed!
  • 3D capture the world around you: Take amazing 3D photos and videos that look like real life.

Setting up your Apple Vision Pro is easy! Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Charge it Up: Plug in the power cable and wait for the battery light to pulse, indicating it’s on.

  2. Put it On: Slide the headband for a snug but comfy fit. The displays should automatically turn on when they detect your eyes.

  3. Quick Start (if you have a compatible iPhone/iPad): Hold your iPhone or iPad close to the Vision Pro. Follow the on-screen instructions for a seamless setup.

  4. Manual Setup (no compatible iPhone/iPad): On the Vision Pro itself, tap “Set Up Manually” and follow the on-screen prompts. This will involve things like connecting to Wi-Fi and signing in with your Apple ID.

  5. Welcome to the Future! You’ll likely need to go through some additional steps to personalize your Vision Pro, like eye tracking and facial recognition. But the on-screen guide will walk you through it all.


  • Be gentle! Use two hands to pick it up, one on the frame and one on the headband.
  • Avoid touching the lenses directly – fingerprints can block the view.
  • When not in use, put on the cover to avoid dust and scratches.


  • Use the included microfiber cloth to wipe the lenses gently.
  • For the headband and frame, a soft, lint-free cloth will do.
  • No liquids or harsh chemicals! Just dry cloths.


  • Keep it cool – avoid hot cars or direct sunlight for long periods.
  • Store it on a flat surface with the cover on, or use the travel case (sold separately).
  • Disconnect the battery if you won’t be using it for a while.

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