NTU WebVR Virtual Tour

Case overview

We collaborated with NTU Open House 2022 to develop an innovative NTU WebVR Virtual Tour. This project aimed to provide users with an immersive experience that allowed them to explore the real NTU campus environment alongside a carefully crafted Metaverse. The virtual tour encompassed numerous key locations across all the colleges within the university, making it a comprehensive exploration tool.

NTU Campus Virtual Tour
NTU Students

The Brief

The objective was to create an engaging and informative virtual tour that showcased the NTU campus in a dynamic way. The tour needed to be user-friendly and accessible to prospective students and visitors, offering an interactive experience. Key features included hotspots for navigation, enabling users to move to locations of their choice, and information bubbles that provided additional context through text, images, and videos.

Our Approach

We leveraged cutting-edge WebVR technology to build the NTU virtual tour. This allowed users to access and explore the campus from their web browsers without the need for additional software or hardware. We meticulously mapped out and recreated various locations within the NTU campus, ensuring a high level of detail and realism.

Hotspots were strategically placed to guide users through the virtual tour seamlessly. Information bubbles provided educational content, including text descriptions, images, and videos, enhancing the user’s understanding of each location. The emphasis was on creating an immersive and informative experience that would resonate with prospective students and visitors.