3M Soccer VR Game

Case overview

3M leveraged the FIFA World Cup fever by setting up booths in hypermarkets like Giant and NTUC to promote their merchandises. Shoppers stood a chance to win $100 Adidas goods by participating in the Virtual Soccer Game with HTC Vive. The game was designed to bring out the soccer stardom in people and engaged them in an interactive way.

3M Soccer VR Singapore

The Brief

3M wanted to promote their merchandise during the FIFA World Cup season and wanted to engage their customers in an interactive way. They approached us to develop a Virtual Soccer Game with HTC Vive that would allow the shoppers to experience the thrill of being a soccer player and to stand a chance to win exciting prizes.

Our Approach

Using the HTC Vive device, we created an immersive virtual soccer game that let users experience an immersive feeling of playing the game virtually. The game was created to be entertaining and simple to play. Customers had to compete against one another, and the winner was named the VR Soccer Maestro based on their score. The game was a smashing success and assisted 3M in creatively promoting their products.