Virtual Reality

A Corporate Executive’s Guide To Virtual Reality Headsets – Part 1

January 13, 2017

VR Headsets

Head-mounted display. 90Hz refresh rate. Field of view. 2160 x 1200 / 1920×1080.

With jargons like these thrown around, it is not surprising that business executives find virtual reality headsets to be an intimidating arena. When we were young and naïve, we would aim to bedazzle executives with such high-falutin technicalities. Of course, not wanting to look like a technological caveman, they would indulge us with nods of thoughtful appreciation. (If you happened to be one of them and are reading this, allow us to take this chance to apologize!)

It didn’t take us long though, to realize that with most executives wishing to either use VR for marketing or training purposes, they just wish to know – “Which device does the job? HTC or Gear VR or Google Cardboard?

With Conversation after conversation after conversation, we find that executives generally care about a few things for virtual reality:

  • User experience (immersion, clarity)
  • Interactivity
  • Ease of use / availability in Singapore
  • Cost, with its related consequence to content distribution.

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Virtual Reality

Singapore: 5 Areas Where Virtual Reality Will Penetrate in 2017

December 28, 2016

Singapore Landscape

Daily, reports are being written on Virtual Reality (VR) global prominence. In America, adopters range from the venerable NASA to the quotidian Mall of America. China now boasts of thousands of crowded VR arcades that are proliferating faster than you can say “Are you serious?!”.

Singapore is no digital Luddite too, with the government spearheading the awareness of Virtual Reality. In fact, a casual browsing of the contracts on the tender portal will show the government to probably be the biggest local procurer of services for virtual and augmented reality. (Then again, one may argue that the government is the biggest procurer of everything & anything due to it’s sheer size – that’s something for another day) 

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