Mixed Reality and Hybrid Reality – What Exactly Are They?

What is Mixed Reality (MR)?

Mixed Reality which is also known as MR, is an advanced technology that merges real and virtual worlds to create new visualizations, surroundings, and environments where digital objects co-exist and interact in real-time with a physical object. It takes place in both the virtual world and the physical world by mixing the physical and virtual reality which encompasses both augmented reality and augmented virtual reality through immersive technology. MR is used to classify the continuum of reality technology but as an independent concept by combing the concept of virtual and augmented reality. It covers all likely compositions and variation of real and virtual objects when it is used to classified classify the larger scope of reality technology. Mixed reality enables users to interact with objects with their real-world which is powered by the real-world presence of intelligent virtual objects.

It is a virtual space where people or real objects are completely transformed into virtual worlds which produce new environment and visualizations harboring physical and digital objects interacting in real-time. The continuum of mixed reality ranges from a real and natural environment to an absolute virtual environment. The digital world reacts to both the user and its physical environment while the user interacts with the digital world.

Hybrid Reality

Mixed Reality (MR) which is sometimes called Hybrid Reality brings out the best aspects of both virtual and augmented reality. Mixed reality covers both the actual reality and virtual reality which include augmented virtuality, augmented reality, and other mixed configurations. In mixed reality, users can move around both the real and virtual environments within the same time. It makes virtual interaction appear real by anchoring virtual objects into a user’s real-world and augment their real environment instead of residing in an entire virtual world. Mixed reality imitates our natural behavior, environment, and interaction. When you get closer to objects in mixed reality they become bigger and it changes perspective as you move around an object. It allows you to see yourself in the world around you even as you use your own hand to interact with a virtual environment.

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MR technology provides enterprise employees with an inconceivable experience of both physical and digital worlds which is delivered through a head-mounted wearable display device. New interaction through voice-based inputs and gestures are allowed due to the overlay of intelligent virtual objects and real-time view of actual surroundings. Mixed reality is an advanced digital technology experience. It transposes users to an alternate world via its interactive capabilities. With the combination of VR and AR, MR changes the way users connect, create, and collaborate with a new holographic experience. MR is built with diverse useful and powerful features such as monitoring gestures, mapping physical surroundings, and language processing for voice recognition, and makes use of the next-generation sensing and imaging technology. It also presents the environment with 3D visuals to the users and allows the user to move around and still remain productive while attending tasks. Mixed reality creates a real experience with a personalized view void of distractions. In conclusion, enterprises or companies using mixed reality are likely to be more productive and effective.