Singapore Arts Circuit 2016 Teaser

Case overview

VizioFly was chosen as the official video producer for the 2016 Singapore Arts Circuit, a three-night painting exhibition featuring the original paintings of six of the world’s top artists in commemoration of the 2016 Formula 1® Singapore Night Race. The event aimed to raise funds for the autism programs of Singapore and to support the 65,000 families affected by autism.


The Brief

The event required VizioFly to create a teaser video that would showcase the original paintings of the Formula 1® drivers, and build anticipation for the exhibition. The video would also highlight the purpose of the event and its charitable cause.


Our Approach

VizioFly produced a high-quality teaser video that featured the six original paintings of the Formula 1® drivers, along with footage of the event’s venue, Marina Bay Sands. The video showcased the paintings’ intricate details and unique styles, building excitement for the upcoming exhibition. We also included information about the charitable cause, emphasizing the event’s significance beyond just art. The video was distributed across social media channels to reach a wider audience.