CNB Virtual Reality Simulation

Case overview

To inform the public about the effects of drug use, the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) developed an immersive experience using virtual reality (VR) technology. The VR experience was made for CNB by the creative agency VizioFly as a part of a campaign against drugs in the Bedok Town neighborhood. The campaign featured a variety of performances and activities, including the VR experience.


The Brief

The goal of CNB was to simulate the effects of drug use using VR technology so that viewers could actually experience the situation. As a way for people to understand the adverse impact that drug use has on their lives and those of their families, an emotional connection had to be made. The VR experience’s script, storyboarding, casting, directing, and cinematic point-of-view filming were all tasks assigned to VizioFly.

Our Approach

VizioFly created a 360-degree story mode to place viewers in the shoes of a young person faced with the temptation to try drugs for the first time. The virtual world simulated the easy accessibility of drugs and allowed viewers to experience the consequences of their choices. The VR experience aimed to create an immersive experience that would make viewers feel the consequences of drug consumption and educate them about the dangers of drugs.