Spectainer AR

Case overview

Spectainer AR is an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) application designed specifically for the iOS platform. The app provides users with a unique and interactive experience of deploying and operating a station for loading containers. Through AR technology, users can visualize the entire process of collapsing and uncollapsing the container, playing multiple animations that showcase each step. The application also allows users to reposition the station according to their preferences and seamlessly jump between different animation states to gain a comprehensive understanding of the loading process. With Spectainer AR, users can explore and view the model from various angles, creating a virtual mini version of the station right in front of them.

Spectainer Collapse Container
Spectainer Collapse Container

The Brief

The goal of Spectainer AR was to create an immersive and educational experience for users by leveraging Augmented Reality technology. The application aimed to provide a realistic simulation of the container loading process, enabling users to interact with the virtual station and understand its functionality. The focus was on delivering a user-friendly interface that would allow for seamless navigation and intuitive interaction with the AR elements. The application was specifically developed for the iOS platform and is only available for offline use within the organisation.

Spectainer Container Ship

Our Approach

To develop Spectainer, we utilized the capabilities of Augmented Reality to merge the virtual and physical worlds. Through the iOS platform, we created an application that could overlay digital elements onto the real environment, enabling users to interact with the virtual station in their surroundings. We employed 3D modeling and animation techniques to accurately represent the container loading process and created a user interface that offered intuitive controls and navigation. The application allowed users to manipulate the station, view animations from different perspectives, and explore the model in a realistic and immersive manner.