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Why Virtual Event?

Virtual Event Pro is a platform that allows people from all over the world to create and attend virtual events. Make your events more accessible by hosting your conferences, tradeshows, networking fairs, and so on our virtual platform. Virtual Event Pro has several beautiful and immersive experiences where users can move around, explore, and network with exhibitors and other users. After each virtual session, users can share their business cards amongst themselves!

Types of Virtual Events

The possibilities and scalability is endless

Virtual Trade Show Icon

Virtual Trade Show

Avail yourself to people around the globe that are interested in your business via a virtual trade show. Make your products more visible to prospective customers. 

Virtual Food Show Icon

Virtual Food Show

Organize a virtual food show to bring vendors, distributors, chefs, and other people in the food service industry together so they can network, discover new markets, and form partnerships.

Virtual Conference Icon

Virtual Conference

Connect and share ideas with like-minded people around the globe in an interactive and immersive virtual conference.

Virtual Career Fair Icon

Virtual Career Fair

Get the talent you desire by organizing a virtual career fair with dedicated virtual booths for various departments and interactive webinars for prospective candidates to ‘walk up to’.

Virtual Benefits Fair Icon

Virtual Benefits Fair

Take your benefit fairs virtual via live or pre-recorded webinars. Establish dedicated virtual booths for benefit vendors to inform employees of their various benefits. Create virtual Q&As to clarify your employees’ concerns.

Virtual Onboarding Fair Icon

Virtual Onboarding Fairs

Get new employees accustomed to your company’s culture and policies through a virtual onboarding fair. Create virtual training sessions, and provide a space for new employees to meet their co-workers.

Virtual Networking Fair Icon

Virtual Networking Fair

Keep in touch with your old contacts and alumni from around the world by organizing virtual networking events.

Virtual Alumni Job Fair Icon

Virtual Alumni Job Fair

Connect your alumni to jobs by creating a virtual job fair. Put up job boards and publish their resumes in the virtual job fair for interested employers to find.

Virtual Open House Icon

Virtual Open House

Host a virtual open house to showcase your campus, faculty, programs, and accommodation to prospective students around the world.

Virtual Graduation Icon

Virtual Graduation

Bring your students together for a final day of celebration with a virtual graduation ceremony. Create a virtual space for students to meet and say their goodbyes.

Virtual Wedding Icon

Virtual Wedding

Entertain guests from around the world to your wedding with a virtual wedding ceremony. Let other people share in your happiness in a beautiful and immersive virtual environment.

Virtual Exhibition Icon

Virtual Exhibition

Showcase your artworks, inventions, and new products to the world. Host a virtual exhibition where people can see your work, purchase them, or pre-order.



IMG Interactive

3D Interactive Platform

Click/ tap to simply move around the exhibition and seminar.

IMG Namecard

Digital Name Card System

Display your personal name card, collect and share name cards with others.

IMG CustomiseAvatar

Custom Character Creation

Customize your character’s gender, skin tone, and outfit.

IMG Message

Messaging/ Chat System

Chat with others in a group and personal message.

IMG Admin

Administrative Controls

Take control of the event and make changes as required.

IMG Notification

Notification System

User request and message notification from guests and presenters.

IMG PollingSystem

Q&A and Polling System

Start a poll and record the user’s vote and feedback.

IMG Microphone

Microphone Input Support

Microphone audio input support with noise canceling.

IMG Representative

Presentation System

Seminar presentation with controls to remote keynote/ PowerPoint image slides.

IMG AugmentedReality

Mobile Augmented Reality

Take control of the event and make changes as required.

IMG Analytics

Data Analytics Tracking

Data tracking of users who are interested in your booth.

IMG Download

Content Download Manager

Browse and download content from various booths.

IMG SeminarNotification

Seminar Notification

Get notified of the upcoming seminar sessions.

IMG EmailUsers

Content Export System

Export chat messages, collected name cards, and more.

IMG CrossPlatformSupport

Cross-Platform Support

Connect via various devices such as Desktop, Laptop & Mobile.

Web and Mobile Platform Engine

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox




Apple iOS



Mobile Application Stores

IMG Playstore
IMG AppStore
IMG AppGallery

Benefits of Virtual Event for Business

Enables global networking via chat, audio, and video communication.

Speakers, presenters and booth representatives can host talks, keynotes and expo sessions without a physical location.

Events can be started from any device or location, without having to deal with social distancing regulations. You can attend any event from the comfort of your home!


Take your events online and engage your audience from anywhere!