Padma Resort Legian Hotel Virtual Tour

Case overview

Choosing the best hotel or resort is no longer a guessing game in the era of technology. Customers can virtually tour their preferred hotel or resort before making a reservation thanks to Virtual Reality (VR) technology. This strategy eliminates the possibility of regretting hotel reservations during vacations.

The Brief

We were hired by Padma Resort Legian Bali to create a virtual reality tour of their hotel to highlight its opulent setting, pools, and rooms. The idea was to give customers a seamless, interactive experience that would let them tour the hotel and see every feature from every angle. Mobile devices, laptops, and even VR headsets can all access the VR tour.

Our Approach

Utilizing cutting-edge VR technology, we developed a custom application to meticulously document the hotel’s surroundings and amenities. In order to give customers an immersive experience that was almost like being physically present at the resort, our team used cutting-edge 360-degree photography techniques. The VR tour gave prospective customers a closer look at the roomy accommodations and opulent extras available at the Padma Resort Legian Bali.