Golden Village VR

Case overview

Golden Village Cinemas is one of the largest cinema chains in Singapore, providing customers with an unparalleled movie experience. Their most recent opening at Funan Mall is no exception, offering customers a cutting-edge moviegoing experience unlike anything they’ve ever had. To give customers a taste of what they can expect, VizioFly created a Virtual Reality tour of the Funan Golden Village Cinemas.

The Brief

VizioFly was tasked to create a Virtual Reality tour of the latest Golden Village Cinemas launch at Funan Mall, showcasing the automated ticketing, VR game stations, and comfortable seating. This would provide customers with a sneak preview of the cinema without having to be there physically.

Our Approach

VizioFly created a high-quality Virtual Reality tour that showcased the features of the cinema. The tour provided customers with a detailed look at the cinema, including the Gold Class, Gold Class Express, Deluxe, and Duo Deluxe seats. By doing so, it allowed customers to experience the cinema without having to physically visit the location.