Preliminary Steps in Corporate Training VR

VizioFly CSC


Using Virtual Reality in Singapore for training can cost tens, if not hundreds, of thousands. Prior to making such a weighty decision, some desire to understand Virtual Reality better and see if there are baby-steps that could be made. Such steps can increase understanding and lead to better decision making.   

Due to its positive track record with governmental VR projects, VizioFly had been invited in April to conduct workshops at the Singapore Civil Service College and the Institute of Adult Learning. The thrust of such workshops was to give participants a basic understanding of 360°, Virtual Reality hardware, and production.

Insights from Our Civil Service College Workshop. This workshop was 90 minutes long and the audience was so keen that we forgot to take a break mid-way! We had participants from public institutions such as CAAS, MOE, PA, MHA, and even the Singapore Department of Statistics! This led to a very diverse discussion, where the questions, comments, and presentation could cross-pollinate.

This workshop focused strongly on VizioFly’s local case-studies on Virtual Reality and it concluded with a special presentation from a Ministry of Manpower (MOM) executive. VizioFly had collaborated with MOM on a project that helped onboard and trains their new staff. The executive spoke from the point of view of a client – the thought processes and other considerations involved in the creation of a VR training. This workshop provided a deep peek into the current initiatives done in the industry and excited the audience to think of their own agencies!

Success leads to more invitations! Such crafted workshops have proven to be vastly successful.  Happily, other participants had also broached the notion of having us over to their agencies for a similar workshop! Of which we are definitely game!

Do you think that a deeper understanding of VR is required before you decide? Then look before you leap and let us help you fill the gaps!