Civil Service College Enforcement VR Simulation

Interactive 360-Degree Multiuser VR Simulation Training

More than 20 Samsung Gear VR/ Oculus Go headset have been deployed to Civil Service College for enforcement officers to give trainees a real sense of what happens on the real world – before they attend to any cases.

Jointly set up by VizioFly and Civil Service College, the simulation training allows more than 20 trainees to assemble in one server (which can cater up 100 or more trainees) to go through a series of stages and identify risks and hazards while attending to cases. The application also includes an analytical data which is able to track the performance of each participant on every level. This enables the lecturer to focus on areas which require immediate attention.

Simulation training was filmed in 360-Degree to replicate as close to the real environment and situations an enforcement officer face in their line of duty.

  • Client

    Civil Service College

  • Skills

    • Virtual Reality 360° Video
    • Custom Dashboard
    • Network Sync & Data Analytics
    • Samsung Gear Application
    • Oculus Go Application