CNB Virtual Reality Simulation

Drug consumption is often warned against by the authorities, but how often does this advice fall on deaf ears? Perhaps when hearing of the destructive effects that drugs have on a person’s life, viewers find it easy to separate what they see on a screen from their real lives. The Central Narcotics Bureau sought to change this perception, using VR to present the true consequences of the wrong choice.

The Anti-drugs campaign was organized by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) at the heartland of Bedok Town, with the aim to spread the consequences of drugs consumption and trafficking. Filled with lots of activities and performance, including Virtual Reality.

VizioFly wrote the script, storyboarded, cast, directed, filmed in a cinematic point of view theme and programmed into a virtual reality experience to set in the shoes of a young person faced with the temptation to try drugs for the first time. Residents were given the chance to put on our premium headset and be immersed in the 360-degree story mode, a virtual world where drugs are easily accessible. Take it if you dare and be ready to face the consequences, or watch the police in action if you do the right thing.

  • Client

    CNB / OYEZ

  • Skills

    • Virtual Reality Simulation
    • HTC Vive Application