How Virtual Reality is Changing Corporate Events in Singapore: 3 Use-Cases You Need to Know

Corporate Event VR


Virtual Reality (VR) has speedy become a popular device for company occasions in Singapore. Companies are making an investment in VR to gain goals: draw heavy foot visitors to their booth and disclose the traffic to their logo/products. With its ability to create immersive stories, VR is helping organizations acquire these targets extra successfully than ever earlier than. In this newsletter, we will discover three common regions where VizioFly enables customers leverage VR for a aggressive gain.

VR Games: A Crowd-Puller

At a corporate event, there is nothing that draws a crowd like a few accurate old skool video games. But VR video games take it up a notch. VizioFly has effectively created a buzz with the aid of crafting a compact video games station inside a sales space and broadcasting a participant’s revel in to the gang at big. By deciding on video games with quick turnaround times and exquisite content, VizioFly affords customers with one in all their exceptional foot traffic consequences ever. And for companies trying to up the ante for engagement, VizioFly can even create custom VR games with an embedded enterprise logo.

Corporate VR Films: A Brand Enhancer

Traditional company motion pictures are often useless at conveying a organization’s lifestyle, environment, and ethos. But VR movies have a wonderful benefit of immersing a player inside a organization’s environs and subculture. Now, they are able to input the CEO’s office and concentrate to him passionately expound on the company’s subculture. They can feel the buzz, electricity, and camaraderie. VizioFly can assist organizations create custom designed VR movies that require a 5-digit price range but may be rolled out across all destiny activities or even downloaded through the public.

Product Immersion: Big Things in Small Places

For organizations with big or complicated merchandise, handing out brochures and giving customers a sense of the product using expansive hand gestures is regularly no longer enough. Imagine being capable of have a prospect don a VR headset and be teleported to the manufacturing facility floor, wherein they may be guided via the lead engineer, spatially appreciate the product, and have engaging infographics flash before them. 

This makes for an awful lot stronger engagement and bureaucracy the premise for an insightful discussion of the product. Companies have engaged VizioFly to have their places/merchandise filmed in VR and then have advanced photographs laid over, resulting in a compelling prospect experience and an increasingly progressive logo photo.


In end, as corporates keep to integrate VR as an extended-term tool for enterprise events, corporations are looking certain pioneers successfully take advantage of it throughout occasions and are thinking of a way to make certain they may be now not not noted. To that give up, VizioFly is committed to know-how the needs of its customers, patiently filling the informational gaps, and thereafter, furnishing various pathways to fulfillment. With its know-how in VR generation, VizioFly is well-located to help organizations leverage VR for a competitive advantage at their subsequent company occasion.