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The Oculus Quest Line Receives A Series of Impressive Updates

September 3, 2021
Oculus Quest 2 Firmware Updates

Exactly one month after the Quest 2 was launched, Oculus, clearly not done for the year, released a series of updates to the Quest 2 and its predecessor, the Quest. The company released a v23 software update that includes new features such as app gifting, system-level fitness tracking, and 90Hz support for the Quest 2. The same day the software update was announced, Oculus Link also exited beta, more than a year after it was first announced. The updates are detailed below.

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Oculus Move

The v23 software update to the Quest and Quest 2 includes a system-wide fitness tracker called Oculus Move. You might be wondering why Oculus is including a fitness tracker in a VR headset. It turns out a lot of people work out in VR (sometimes without even intending to). With Oculus Move, they can now track their workout sessions and other VR activities.

Because the fitness tracker is system-wide, it keeps track of your activities on all your apps, not just those related to fitness. You can see how many calories you burn for a particular duration. You can also filter this data by app to see how many calories you burn using a specific app. If you want to make a habit of using one of your apps, you can set daily goals through Oculus Move.

Native 90Hz Support

One feature that makes the Quest 2 superior to its predecessor is its 90Hz refresh rate. This feature wasn’t enabled at launch, though, and could only be used by certain apps such as Home Environment, Explore, Store, Browser, and Oculus TV experimentally. With the v23 update, the Quest 2 now supports 90Hz natively and is currently available for all system apps.

Developers can also create VR games and experiences with 90Hz support. Echo VR already released an update supporting 90Hz. Other games such as SUPERHOT, Beat Saber, Vacation Simulator, Job Simulator, Racket: Nx, and Space Pirate Trainer will be supporting it as well in the coming months.

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Oculus Link

Last year mid-November, Oculus introduced Oculus Link. Oculus Link is a feature that allows Quest, and recently, Quest 2 users connect to play PC-based VR games, which could only be played with the Rift and the Rift S before now. After being in beta for more than a year, Oculus Link has finally exited beta with some updates included.

To start with, Oculus Link now supports 90Hz on the Quest 2. If you own a Quest 2, you can switch between a 72Hz, 80Hz, and 90Hz refresh rate from the Oculus PC app. The v23 update also brings to the Quest headsets improved visual quality, a new interface for managing your graphics settings, and a way to adjust App Render Resolution.

App Gifting And A New Way To Cast

To make casting from an Oculus headset easier, the company has introduced a new way to cast your VR gameplay and experiences to a computer through a desktop browser, specifically Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. All you have to do is visit, login, and use the “Cast to Computer” option in your headset.

Oculus has also added an app gifting feature, allowing Oculus headset users to gift their friends and family VR games and experiences from the Oculus Store. If you’re visiting the store from a website, look for the “Buy for a friend” button on the item’s page. You can find this option on the mobile app by clicking the “⋮” menu button at the bottom of the item’s page.

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