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How AR/VR is Impacting the Education Sector

September 16, 2021

We have come a long way from using blackboards and chalks to teach at schools. Technology has improved several areas in the education sector, such as how teachers teach, the materials they use, and how they assess their students. Students can now learn over the internet without being in a physical class, something we were forced to do this last year. Nevertheless, there are still several ways the education sector can be improved to engage students better and increase the retention of what they learn at school.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have shown how useful they can be in several industries, and the education industry isn’t left out. People learn better when they engage more of their senses while learning. Traditional classrooms engage only the eyes and ears most of the time. AR/VR brings a much more immersive learning experience to the classroom, making retention and recollection easier for students.

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Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality

How Close Are We To Realistic Virtual Events?

August 3, 2021
Virtual Event Pro Illustration

If you’ve attended a meeting in the past year and a half, social or work-related, there’s a good chance that more than 90% of those meetings were held online. Even after social distancing and lockdown policies were eased the percentage only dropped slightly, making it clear that online meetings are here to stay. While online meetings became the norm due to necessity, their advantages cannot be denied. But like a lot of useful things, it also has several demerits.

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Augmented Reality

IKEA’s New AR App Takes Interior Design To A New Level

May 12, 2021
Ikea AR App Place Cover

IKEA has been one of the foremost names in the AR application space ever since its debut AR app, IKEA Place. It has since dedicated resources through its design and research lab, SPACE10, to explore the future of home technology. Combining the latest developments in spatial computing and IKEA’s knowledge of interior decor, SPACE10, developed a new AR application called IKEA Studio. Unlike IKEA Place where you can check out how a furniture item might fit in a space, IKEA Studio lets you design an entire room right from your phone.

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Augmented Reality

Why We Might Be Getting An Apple AR Glasses Soon

February 6, 2021
Apple AR Glasses

Apple is one of the biggest consumer tech companies alongside giants like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. It has been manufacturing various gadgets from iPhones to MacBooks to smart speakers. With augmented and virtual reality trending in recent times, and several VR and AR headsets popping up, you’d expect that Apple would have one of theirs by now.

Facebook, Google, and Microsoft already have at least one product on the market, but there has been nothing from Apple so far. There have been several rumors that Apple is working on a pair of AR glasses. Apple in its usual manner did not comment, but recent discoveries by some developers and the purchase of certain companies have led us to believe that Apple might release a pair of AR glasses soon.

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Augmented Reality

Top 5 AR Headsets/ Smart Glasses of 2020

January 7, 2021
Group of people using Microsoft Hololens 2

The augmented reality industry has come a long way since it became mainstream with products like Pokémon Go and Google Glass. We have since seen several AR products and applications come up. While the majority of the AR products currently on the market are phone-based, there have been several AR headsets and smart glasses developed in the past years. In this article, we discuss five of the best AR wearable devices of 2020 you can buy right now.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Contact Lenses Are Coming To You Sooner Than You Think

December 4, 2020
A woman wearing The Mojo lens

If you have watched sci-fi movies or TV series like Altered Carbon, you may have seen characters interacting with a computer through contact lenses in their eyes. Sci-fi movies are known for featuring extraordinary technological advances that often seem to stretch reality. But sometimes, these movies predict the coming of these devices. And smart contact lenses might just be one of these predictions.

A startup from Saratoga, California called Mojo Vision has been working on bringing augmented reality contact lenses to, well… reality. After over 5 years and more than $100 million in investments, the company has created a prototype of what the contact lenses would look like.

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Augmented Reality

Experimental Facebook AR Glasses Could Give Wearer “Perceptual Superpowers”

November 3, 2020
A man wearing Facebook Aria prototype glasses

The way virtual and augmented reality work is to trick us into thinking we are in a virtual world or that there are virtual objects in the real world. This is achieved by fooling our senses. Currently, most VR headsets out there are much better at fooling our sight than our hearing. When it comes to augmenting or improving our reality with sound there’s even less done in that area.

FRL(Facebook Reality Labs) Research realized this and brought together an interdisciplinary audio team. The team was tasked with improving audio presence in our virtual experiences and redefining human hearing. This article focuses on the second task, but you can read more about both of them here. The team, after working on the second problem for a while, has come up with several prototypes that will supposedly give you perceptual superpowers.

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Augmented Reality

What To Expect In The Future For Augmented Reality

March 2, 2020
AR iPad Demonstration

Whenever trending technologies are being discussed, augmented reality, and its more popular counterpart, virtual reality always come up. The potential of extended reality to us as humans is tremendous, so its popularity doesn’t come as a surprise. While augmented reality hasn’t been getting as much attention as virtual reality, you can rest assured that advancements are being made in this field, albeit at a slower pace than virtual reality.

We have definitely come a long way from Ivan Sutherland’s Sword of Damocles, the first augmented reality headset which he invented in 1968. Though it wasn’t until 1990 Tom Caudell, a Boeing researcher coined the term ‘augmented reality.’ Augmented reality has been in existence as far back as the 1960s, but it was in the early 2000s that it actually gained prominence.

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Augmented Reality

Places in Singapore where Augmented Reality is in use

January 15, 2020
Illustration of a user experiencing AR

For the past couple of years, the extended reality (AR, VR, and MR) industry has seen a lot of growth in Singapore. There are several extended reality companies in Singapore, some of them indigenous to the country. This growth isn’t because of the private sector alone, as there are also several government institutions making use of extended reality.

In this article, we would show you several places in Singapore where extended reality is used, particularly Augmented Reality.

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Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality

4 Reasons Why VR and AR are key to the future of Engineering

November 23, 2019
Virtual Reality in Class

Augmented and Virtual Reality in Singapore, is more than a technology for catching fun or playing games. It can contribute immensely to the engineering industry and has the potential to open the doors to limitless possibilities for many engineering projects.

VR and AR can help businesses and governments make more money from their engineering projects. Therefore it won’t be long before it becomes the norm in this industry. In this article, there will be a look at four reasons why AR and VR in engineering will be massive in the nearest future.

These are the four reasons to be discussed:

  • It Creates an Immersive Simulation Experience
  • It Creates Better Training Experiences for New Engineers
  • It Can be Used for Better Product Designs
  • It Saves Costs In the Long Run

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