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Places in Singapore where Augmented Reality is in use

January 15, 2020
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For the past couple of years, the extended reality (AR, VR, and MR) industry has seen a lot of growth in Singapore. There are several extended reality companies in Singapore, some of them indigenous to the country. This growth isn’t because of the private sector alone, as there are also several government institutions making use of extended reality.

In this article, we would show you several places in Singapore where extended reality is used, particularly Augmented Reality.

Singapore Libraries

The reading culture in a lot of countries has been steadily declining. One of the causes of this is the internet and social media. In the United Kingdom alone, about a hundred and thirty libraries were closed down. The situation in Singapore is different though as the number of libraries in the country has only risen. The National Library Board in Singapore has set out to make the library appealing to the citizens of Singapore especially its young citizens.

One way the NLB is doing this is through the introduction of augmented reality into libraries. Upgraded libraries now have an augmented reality section for children, where children can have an immersive storytelling experience. The NLB would probably add more AR/VR features as AR/VR devices get cheaper and ubiquitous.

National Museum, Singapore

The National Museum in Singapore has also taken to improve the experience of its visitors through augmented reality. The National Museum which was opened as Raffles Library and Museum over a hundred years ago commemorated its one hundred and thirtieth year in existence by adding augmented reality experiences to the museum.

(Image credit: CKPhoto)

Using a mobile phone provided, you can see various items placed at strategic locations in the museum. You can even take pictures with this virtual museum items.

ArtScience Museum

The ArtScience Museum is a museum in Singapore that hosts various exhibitions on areas that fuse science and art. The ArtScience Museum has housed several arts, science or technology-themed exhibitions. Just like with the National Museum above, the ArtScience Museum is also making use of augmented reality to improve the experience of its visitors.

(Image credit: Geekculture)

In the case of the ArtScience Museum, it partnered with several other companies like Google and Lenovo to create a virtual rainforest that visitors can view with a mobile phone provided by the Museum. The augmented experience shows five endangered animal species in the Indonesian Rainforest. By moving your mobile device around, you can see the various part of the virtual rainforest on the screen of the mobile device.

Changi Airport, Singapore

(Image credit: Opengovasia)

In Changi Airport, augmented reality is being used in a very innovative way. Normally, cargo loading takes as much as an hour for each aircraft. The introduction of augmented reality to the workflow of the ground handlers reduced this time by about fifteen minutes. The ground handling firm provided its crew with smart glasses that display the information they need without the need to constantly check through papers.

A virtual QR code displayed on the cargoes to be loaded can be scanned by the ground handlers to get certain information about the cargoes like their weight, loading sequence, and allocated position on the aircraft. The smart glasses also come with cameras that allow control centre staff to monitor what the ground handlers see as they work.


So there you go. As we make more advances in extended reality, we would see more use cases of extended reality around us.


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