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First in Singapore – MOU Signing in Virtual Reality

March 15, 2017
Artizen Singapore VR Signing

More and more, Virtual Reality is proving to be a technology that is bounded only by one’s creativity.

The standard MOU signing between 2 parties has always been predictable and an occasion for flashing photographs and polite applause. Can this drab event be remodeled into something refreshingly engaging? That was the problem statement from our partner.

After much collaborative brainstorming, we emerged with the idea of doing the signing in Virtual Reality using Google Tilt Brush. To prevent this from being a meaningless scrawling of signatures on a blank VR landscape, we crafted a beautiful VR environment that had our partner’s icons and pictures.

As the signatory donned on the headset, he was thus greeted with the immersive sight of the new hotel (the MOU was for the joint development of a hotel property).  As he looked around, he saw an impressive 360° collage of related graphics and media! All he had to do next was to sign at the designated zone under his company’s logo.

All this while, this experience was broadcasted on a large screen, to the applause of the audience.  Surprisingly, the success of the initiative extended beyond the signing – many in the audience requested to try on the Virtual Reality experience and a queue started forming! It took 90 minutes to let everyone have a go!

In terms of our partner’s branding impression with the audience, we could not have asked for a more successful outcome. As the first VR signing in Singapore, this MOU signing was to be remembered for a long time to come!

Successes like these impel VizioFly to explore more customized solutions. Our excitement is ratcheted upwards as we see the realm of possibilities!


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