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4 Reasons Why VR Becomes More Useful During COVID-19

April 2, 2020
Corona virus Outbreak, a doctor holding a tablet.

It is no news that the novel coronavirus has changed the year completely. Some countries are under lockdown, industries, and economies are suffering. As a result, many companies are looking to innovate and provide value so as to avoid massive layoffs.

In times like this, the importance of Virtual Reality shows itself. In the past, Virtual Reality was considered a luxury. However, it is clear now that it should be more of a necessity. In this article, you’ll see why VR becomes more useful during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • E-Commerce Blossoms
  • Online Learning Is Now a Necessity
  • Travelling Can Only Be Virtual Now
  • Gaming Is on the Rise

E-Commerce Blooms

For some people, shopping is considered a hobby. For others, shopping requires deep analysis of wants and needs. Whatever it is, physical shopping rates have dropped. People need to make purchases anyway, so internet shopping is currently blooming.

For sellers who want to make a better impression with their products, now is the best time to incorporate Virtual Reality. This way, people can have a feel of products before they make a purchase. Introducing VR can give sellers an edge over the competition, as buyers will only give money when they see value in a purchase. Virtual Reality can help make value much more apparent.

Online Learning Is Now a Necessity

Online education has been on the rise in the last decade with the emergence of different platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and EdX. However, now that students can’t go to school due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning has become a necessity.

For courses where a lot more learning is done by “doing” instead of just “reading”, Virtual Reality becomes more important. Take for example a course like medicine or engineering, VR learning tools make it easy to continue learning even without going to school.

Without a doubt, learning using VR cannot be compared to doing actual physical activities. However, it remains an effective replacement and is the best solution to help students continue learning by doing.

Travelling Can Only Be Virtual Now

The hospitality and tourism industries are arguably suffering the hardest from the pandemic. Considering Airbnb recently laid off 25% of its staff, the signs are clear that these industries are not enjoying the best of times.

However, Virtual Reality can serve as a silver lining on the dark cloud as people can go on virtual tours. While the experience is not the same, it comes close and can be fun as well. Virtual Reality has been redefining the tourism industry even before COVID-19. But the pandemic makes it more evident now that VR can be quite beneficial.

Gaming Is on the Rise

A lot of countries are currently under lockdown, it is no surprise that there is a sudden rise in the playing of games. In the United States, there was a 45% increase in the time spent gaming in the month of March and a similar increase is also experienced in different countries.

In these times where there is minimal physical contact, Virtual Reality games can help bring people together more and make for a better gaming experience. Half-Life: Alyx and No Man’s Sky are some of the best VR games to play at the moment and while COVID-19 remains an unsolved puzzle.


The impact of Virtual Reality in our lives has been increasing in the last couple of years, and the COVID-19 pandemic will make this more apparent. Virtual Reality can be a great means for the e-commerce, education, gaming, and tourism industries to continue to innovate. VR is more of a necessity than a luxury in these times and should be taken advantage of to the maximum.


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