A Guide to Smartphone-Powered VR Headsets for Corporate Executives – Part 2

Smartphone-Powered Headsets

Smartphone-powered virtual truth (VR) headsets provide an easy and accessible manner to enjoy VR. All you want is a well matched smartphone and a headset to experience a primary level of immersion. In this newsletter, we can take a better examine a number of the great telephone-powered VR headsets presently to be had.

Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR is the benchmark for telephone-powered VR headsets. It is designed to paintings with Samsung smartphones, and its consumer revel in is largely depending on the computing energy of the phone you operate. The Samsung Galaxy S7 gives the nice revel in and immersion, however the headset is well suited with selected Samsung fashions handiest.

The Gear VR does now not come with hand-held controllers, but customers can have interaction with the environment the use of a trackpad built into the headset. The setup technique is simple and can be done with the aid of downloading the Samsung Gear app to your cellphone. The headset alone charges SGD$100 or much less, however you will need to element inside the cost of a well suited Samsung cellphone, which could variety from $600 to $1000, relying at the version.

Google Daydream View

The Google Daydream View become released in November 2016 and holds tons promise for telephone-powered VR. The headset is designed to work with Android Nougat 7.1 and a handful of like minded smartphones, which include the Google Pixel. It comes with a hand held controller that allows customers to interact in one of a kind moves, making it a game changer for mobile VR interactivity.

The Daydream View headset has a company and velvety build, and its consumer experience is much like the Samsung Gear VR. However, the delivered interactivity provided by way of the hand-held controller makes it a greater appealing option. The headset isn’t yet to be had in Singapore, and it costs approximately SGD$100 whilst sold from remote places. The fee of a well suited phone just like the Google Pixel is around SGD$900, bringing the total fee to SGD$1,000.

Google Cardboard and Similar Headsets

Google Cardboard is a low-value VR headset that retails for much less than $5. It is designed to offer accessibility to VR, but the fine of the experience is always compromised. The lenses used are not of high best, and the cardboard may leave a "footprint" on your face after use. Additionally, a few Cardboard models do not come with headstraps, which means you may want to hold the headset in your face. There is not any built-in interactivity on Google Cardboard, but it is able to be programmed into mobile programs. 

For example, programs can be made such that when the consumer gazes at a particular factor or icon inside the scene for extra than three seconds, it triggers an event, consequently giving some interactivity. Google Cardboard is easily bought in Singapore from LazadaCarousellGumtree, and a cottage enterprise of suppliers has sprouted in Singapore. It is like minded with all smartphones that can play 360° VR content.


Smartphone-powered VR headsets offer an handy and occasional-price way to revel in VR. The Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream View are each excellent alternatives, but they are limited to selected cellphone models. Google Cardboard is a low-fee option that offers accessibility to VR, however the quality of the experience is lower. Consider your needs and budget when deciding on a telephone-powered VR headset.